<b>Performance Based Seismic Analysis of Buildings</b> Performance based design explicitly evaluate how a building is likely to perform given the potential hazard it is likely to experience , considering uncertainties inherent in the quantification of potential hazard and uncertainties in assessment of the actual building response. It is an iterative process that begins with selection of performance objective, followed by the development of a preliminary design assessment as to whether or not the design meets the performance objective and finally redesign and reassessment if required until the desired performance level is achieved. In present study two R.C. buildings, one rectangular and one square in plan are analyzed using pushover analysis and redesigning by changing the reinforcement in columns. The pushover analysis is carried out using Etabs 2015. A Six storied buildings are considered to be located in Zone IV with Hard soil strata Performance, Performance Level, Etabs 249-255 Issue-3 Volume-2 Mrs. Sonal S. Ambhaikar | Mr. Satyajit D.Patil | Mrs. Rajbansi S Kognole