<b>Isolation and Optimization of Protease Producing Bacteria from Marine Sediment</b> In the present study investigation protease producing potent bacterial strain was isolated from the Marine sediment soil. Based on the morphology, biochemical and 16S rRNA sequencing, it was identified as Oceanobacillus iheyensis. The optimisation of protease production in submerged fermentation at various parameters like pH, temperature, carbon, nitrogen, metal ions, sodium chloride, surfactants, inoculums concentration, incubation time, static, shaking, aminoacids and buffers were tested. The isolated crude protease enzyme was partially purified by using Sephadex A50 column chromatography. Ocenobacillus iheyensis, Protease, 16S rRNA sequencing, optimization, Sephadex A50 and surfactant 122-132 Issue-3 Volume-2 P. Maheswari | S. Mahendran | A. Kamilabanu