<b>Flexural Behaviour of GFRP Bars</b> Reinforced Cement Concrete RCC structures are usually reinforced with steel bars which are subjected to corrosion at critical temperatures and atmospheric conditions. Also the cost of steel reinforcement plays a significant role in any RCC construction. The rising prices of steel and their unavailability throughout the year have brought the contractors and engineers into a great trouble. The RCC structures can also be reinforced with other materials such as fibers specifically Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer and Carbon Reinforced Fiber Polymer GFRP . This deals with the study of RCC beams when reinforced with the Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer GFRP as a replacement of steel reinforcement and studying the behavior of beam under flexure. Fiber Reinforced Polymer bars, GFRP Bars 1503-1505 Issue-2 Volume-2 N. N. Morey | S. D. Patil | A. P. Khangan