<b>Modern Poetic Trends of Odisha versus the Neoteric Strives of Guruprasad</b> This paper tries to bring out the literary trends of Odia literature from nineteenth century to the last part of twentieth century. With reference to the long literary passage of some 175 years attempts have been made to introduce Guruprasad Mohanty and churn out the specialty by the by of his poetry. How the passage runs, with what level of frequency and with what newness all these things are discussed here in this article. What was the need of the modern literature and why it is so everything in this regard has been discussed along with various proofs. The real and underneath reasons of complexity of this post independence literature or the attitude and nature of this literature especially poetry are brought out here. Especially, here efforts have been taken to differentiate between the pre independence and post independence literature. Again, in one of the sections, there is a sketch of influences, inspirations and impacts of T.S. Eliot, his life, literature, philosophy, style and personal doctrines. Further, how he has influences Guruprasad Mohanty has also been discussed with ample examples. Overall an assessment has been made on the originality of Guruprasad’s literature as well of the attempts of some other contemporary poets of this period. Modernism, Post modernism, Post Colonial, Deconstruction, Glocal 1140-1160 Issue-2 Volume-2 Santosh Kumar Nayak | Dr. Akshay Kumar Panigrahi