<b>Perception of Employees towards Quality Work Life in Garment Industry</b> In the garment sector to retain the skilled employee a Good quality of work life is necessary for an organization to attract and to sustain skilled and talented employees. In order to survive in the competitive market because of liberalization, privatization and globalization and to minimize the attrition rate of employees the QWL initiatives are very important in the garment industry QWL involves wide variety of components that are influenced on the performance satisfied level of employees .This study focuses and analyses the literature findings which involve QWL, Therefore, the researcher highly recommend those multinational companies to plan an excellent quality of work life QWL programs by focusing on particular service element s that will further enhance the overall quality of life QOL of employees. In this paper, the researchers found that quality of work life QWL programs influence the employees in organization and the researcher given suggestion by using the tools like Chi square to improve the Welfare of the Employees. Quality of Work life, Perception, retaining, garment and chi square 1114-1117 Issue-2 Volume-2 K. Prabha Kumari | C. S. Ganesh