<b>Community health concern and behavioral sciences</b> Now it is a wake up time to India to fight against all odds and move towards health for all by reorienting existing priorities in health care services from curative to preventive on the basis of felt need services to the community. Innovative ,need based ,slow and steady race will definitely lead us to “Health for all” A developing country like India’s, hurdles of development are various and vicious in nature viz burning social problems like poverty, illiteracy, ignorance, conservatism, un employment, gender bias etc such social, political and cultural factors have led to a number of multifaceted and complex health problems. Among all the developmental issues health for all is a mirage health care, health promotion has to be given a special priority .Mere existence of health services is not enough there is need to focus on utilization of available health care facility which is based on the awareness of general public and influencing socioeconomic and socio cultural factors like literacy, economic condition cultural practices and gender, prevalent in community. Community Health Care, Behavioral science, Health Services 1103-1107 Issue-2 Volume-2 Dr Veena. S. Algur