<b>Influence of Goat Manure as Organic Amendment on Physical and Physico Chemical Properties of Therisoil</b> Theri lands are located along the coastal areas of Tuticorin district of Tamilnadu, South India. Proper management of the land is difficult because of its poor quality structure, low nutrition, meagre moisture holding capacity, low value of organic content, and high value of hydraulic conductivity. The permeability of water in theri soil is high and is not suitable for agriculture which is presently considered as a wasteland. The objective is to nurse the soil back to health and reclaim the soil. Goat Manure amended with theri soil characteristics are studied separately. In this amendment, ten different combinations are tried. Using this organic amendment the soil Physical, Physico Chemical and Chemical properties are studied which makes the soil cultivable and to arrive at their interrelationships in reclaiming the soil. A field experiment is conducted at PunnaiNagar Kachanavillai that is located at 19 km west from Tiruchendur of Tuticorin district, Tamilnadu. This study tests for the changes of physical properties through the addition of goat manures and aims in describing relationship among the soil physical properties such as bulk density BD ,Particle density PD ,Water holding density WHC , Pore space PS ,Hydraulic conductivity HC ,Thermal Conductivity TC , Volume Expansion VE of the soil through various methods. Physico Chemical properties like Electrical conductivity EC , Potential of Hydrogen pH and Chemical properties namely NPK, Organic Carbon OC are also studied. Theri soil, Goat Manure, Organic amendments, Water holding capacity, Hydraulic conductivity 930-936 Issue-2 Volume-2 Indira, E. | Annadurai, B. | Sundaram, S.