<b>An Empirical Study on Organizational Climate in Neycer India Limited, Vadalur</b> Organizational climate is nothing but its work environment as perceived by the individuals in the organization. Climate is the manifested in the observable routines and reward of organization. Many organisations are realized that human resources are of one of the important source of competitive advantage and sustaining of the organisation for a long term. It is evidenced that organizational climate plays a positive role in exerting greater efforts from the employees. Thus, positive orgnisational climate can be created with the help of organisational climate intervention. This study investigates the prevailing organisational climate in Neycer India Limited, Vadalur of Tamil Nadu State and to identify the variations in perception on organisational climate based on certain selective demographic characteristics. The results of the empirical analysis have been discussed in this article. Co workers relationships, Organisational Climate, Organisational Design, Reward system, Work environment 952-958 Issue-2 Volume-2 E. Surenderbabu | Dr. P. Chinnadurai