<b>A Descriptive Research on the Contributing Factors in Mutual Fund Investment Across India</b> Present study aims to identify the most significant factors in mutual fund investment across India. In this regard a descriptive research is performed to find out the most contributing factors in determining the motivation level of the prospective investors regarding their investment in mutual fund and to investigate their influencing level for the same. Reliability Test has been done checking internal consistency of data, Principal Component Analysis is used to identify major factors, Confirmatory Factor Analysis is applied to frame a model hypothesised on the factors to check the goodness of fit of the model, Regression Analysis is executed to investigate their influence level and to frame an equation on the basis of the same. Lastly different scenario and causal analysis have been depicted with the help of Bayesian Probabilistic Network to establish an overall framework for mutual fund investment strategy implementation. Mutual Fund Investment, Confirmatory Factor Analysis, Bayesian Probabilistic Network, Indian Insurance Sector 937-946 Issue-2 Volume-2 Dr. Dipa Mitra