<b>Bayesian analysis of internet access through apps as an e government development strategy in Mexico</b> Mobile applications are types of technologies and resources connected to the Internet that constitute the backbone of mobile government, where its applications constitute a very broad development scenario. However, only a small number of mobile applications have managed to excel in e government. Due to the complexity of the phenomenon, it is difficult to perform an analysis that takes into account each activity carried out on the internet as a variable of a system, so the objective of this study was to analyze the use of the Internet through Bayesian networks. , that can be used for the development of strategies in matters of government. We managed to model a Bayesian network using the K2 classification algorithm, using the open data of the Intercensal Survey 2015 conducted by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography. AI, mobile government, Digital Divided, Models. 1070-1074 Issue-2 Volume-2 Rafael RenterĂ­a Gaeta | Guillermo Alfonso de la Torre-Gea