<b>Injector Based Smart Vada Maker</b> A compact table top automatic Vada making a machine for use at lunch counters, in store bakery counters, small bakeries, and the like, where freshly cooked vada are sold in moderately large volume. The machine is particularly adaptable to varying volume requirements, being an adjustable crank mechanism employed in the system. The machine includes a generally rectangular compact tank containing the cooking fat or oil which is heated by automatic thermostatically controlled means. A removable insert in the tanks defines a circuitous path along which the Vada flow in the course of being cooked. A removable vada extruding from the injector unit is mounted over one end of the tank to form and drop rings of raw dough into the oil. The Vada is moved along the surface of the cooking oil by a propulsion pump inducing a continuous flow of oil as the Vada is first cooked on one side, turned over automatically, cooked on the other side and discharged from the machine. The machine can be readily disassembled for easy cleaning. Automation, Injector unit, conveyor, Crank mechanism 892-898 Issue-2 Volume-2 Vishnu A | Sriram K | Praveen N | Arun Kumar K | Ashwin Ramnath S