<b>Making the cities green Ecological restoration of degraded urban areas using green infrastructure implications</b> The ecological functions of urban areas are degraded the infrastructures of cities and the built up regions have enormous impacts on ecosystems and ecology of the urban environment. In this paper, we focused on the connections of urban ecology and urban design, urbanisation impacts on urban ecosystems functions and ecological urbanism approach to degraded urban areas. The studies revealed the relationship of urban ecology and urban design and the ecosystem services they provide in the urban environment. In modern cities the impacts of urbanisation on ecosystem and ecology are various. Many cities in the world have implemented green infrastructure strategies for environmental improvement. Green infrastructure like green spaces, parks, gardens, and green building provide ecosystem services to urban areas and can restore the ecological functions of urban areas. We proposed that Green infrastructure implications at urban design and buildings design level can lead to ecological urbanism practices and can reduce the environmental problems in degraded urban areas. urban ecology, ecosystems services, built up areas, urban infrastructure, Eco buildings 815-824 Issue-2 Volume-2 Salman Ali | Li Baofeng