<b>QSAR Modeling of Bisbenzofuran Compounds using 2D Descriptors as Antimalarial Agents</b> In the present study we have performed Quantitative structure activity relationship QSAR analysis for 43bisbenzofuran derivatives to estimate the antimalarial activity using some 2D descriptors. Several significant QSAR models has been calculated for predicting the antimalarial activity –logIC50 of these molecules by using the multiple linear regression MLR technique. Among the obtained QSAR models, a four parametric model was most significant having R2=0.9502. An external set was used for confirming the predictive power of the models. High correlation between experimental and predicted antimalarial activity values, was obtained in the validation approach that displayed the good modality of the derived QSAR models. bisbenzofuran derivatives, antimalarial activity, 2D descriptors, QSAR, MLR 769-783 Issue-2 Volume-2 Tripti Kaushal | Anita K | Bashirulla Shaik | Vijay K. Agrawal