<b>Adsorption of Acidic pollutants from Water using Biosorbents</b> A huge amount of waste is generated from the industries which cause the pollution of water this waste is generated by the industries in large quantities. Acids are one such of a waste generated by these industries in the water bodies and causes an adverse impact on the aquatic ecosystems and inturn causes an negative impact on the human population and because of the harmful effects caused by these acids there is a need for the removal of these acidic pollutants from our water bodies. As these acids are water soluble 1 and colorless we need a technique to separate these acidic pollutants from water and at the same time determine their concentrations in water. So, in the present investigation we have used the Biosorption 2 for the removal of the acidic pollutants like Acetic, Oxalic and Phosphoric acids and the method of determination of concentration of these acids is through simple volumetric analysis .For this biosorption technique the selection of various biosorbents were done and it was noticed that the sawdust along with mango leaves prove to be an effective mixture of biosorbent for the removal of the acidic pollutants from water. The Freundlich and Langmuir adsorption isotherms have been verified by the experimental data. The Biosorption studies were done at room temperature. Adsorption, Adsorption isotherms, Biosorption, Volumetric analysis, Biosorbents, Sawdust, Mixture of Biosorbents 801-805 Issue-2 Volume-2 Syeda Sameena Aziz | Abdul Razzak