<b>Going Rural – A Glimpse of Rural Marketing Mix</b> Present market industry is pampered with the word “Rural” which is huge market with a triple of its size compared to other country markets. Rural market can be termed as a Dazzling bird with a vast untapped market of resources and opportunities. Where more than half of the national come in generated from rural market this leads the manufacturers to plunge in to these untapped market. Most of the population in India resides in rural spreading with 65000 villages, speaking various linguistic languages. Lot of transformation is observed in the rural people where they are not interested to follow the old habits of using neem sticks for swaging the teeth, they are induced to use paste for cleaning the teeth, these changes are witnessing because of change in income level and literacy rate. People are choosy and conscious in figuring out the life style to mark up for better life to live. Brand consciousness is also budding in the minds of the consumer to lead luxury life, which makes the rural market as demanding market for manufacturers. Swagging, Customer Reach, Acquisition and Retention 689-692 Issue-2 Volume-2 DR. N. R Mohan Prakash | M. Kethan | Ass