<b>An Empirical Analysis of Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Selected Asian Countries</b> The positive relationship between entrepreneurship and economic development through employment generation and poverty reduction has been well established in academic research. This is the rationale why governments across different countries try to comprehend the dynamics of entrepreneurship. There is growing interest in decoding the context in which entrepreneurship thrives. Research on “Entrepreneurial Ecosystem” has gained momentum since it provides the necessary framework in which entrepreneurship develops. The objective of this study is to analyze the various components of entrepreneurial ecosystem and Total early stage entrepreneurial activity TEA in selected Asian countries. The research is based on secondary data related to entrepreneurial ecosystem and total early stage entrepreneurial activity, provided by Global entrepreneurship Monitor GEM . The findings of the research indicate that there is need to improve the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Asian countries. Asian countries exhibit insufficient provisions of access to finance for entrepreneurs. Government policies and programs, taxes and bureaucratic regime are also insufficient for nurturing entrepreneurial environment. Entrepreneurship education and training both at basic school level and post school level are not sufficient for creating a conducive environment for entrepreneurs. Markets, infrastructural provisions and social and cultural norms are also not found to be sufficient for entrepreneurship to thrive in Asian context. Total early stage entrepreneurial activity TEA is also quite low for Asian countries. The findings of the study can be of instrumental value for academicians and policy makers interested in entrepreneurship development in Asia. Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial ecosystem, Total early stage entrepreneurial activity TEA , Global entrepreneurship Monitor GEM 633-642 Issue-2 Volume-2 Neha Tiwari