<b>Socio economic Dimensions, Issues and Implications of Post Independence Odisha and its Manifestation in Odia Poetry with a Special Case Study of Guruprasad Mohanty’s Kaalapurusha</b> The paper tries to unveil the truths beneath the texts of Post Independence Odia poetry especially of the text Kaalapurusha, a long committed poem by Guruprasad Mohanty. Various poets are there in this phase those who are really serious and vigilant to the economic condition and its implications on the society and the life style of the people. It is quite clear from the national and state level investigations and various studies that literature of this period is really affected by the economic conditions. The characters of the poem or of the different novels and the stories behave and react like this because of this thing only. The common socio economic mentality has been changed to this. The characters of the poem Kaalapurusha or any other characters are simply the representatives of the same period. Structural poverty, Conjunctural poverty, efficiency cum equity index, Vitreous humour, Paleo modernism. 449-463 Issue-2 Volume-2 Santosh Kumar Nayak