<b>Wireless Control 3D Printer with a Liquid Sprinkler Product Replacing Mechanism</b> This paper introduces a wireless 3d printer with a liquid sprinkler mechanism for large scale production of certain types of products in industrial applications. The 3D printer can capable of producing 3 dimensional object from a designed model. Object model design by using CAD software. The slicing software generates G code, which gives instruction to 3d printer about its movements along three axis. Send This G code to controller via wireless mode. 3d printer can produce a 3D object on the bed of deposition. The final product may stick on bed of deposition. Replacement of product may cause damage in product and consuming much time for it. This problem is solved by spraying 1 1 water alcohol mixture on the end product. Here a automatic liquid sprinkler sense the final product and automatically spraying the mixture on it. Liquid sprinkler, CAD software, G code, Slicing software 439-441 Issue-2 Volume-2 Nida K