<b>The Effect of Biographical Characteristics on Employee Motivational Force and their Tenure in Job A study in Indian Academic Sector</b> In today’s environment, organizations thrive and survive on human resources. Values, attitude, perception and behaviour of employees, which form this resource, influence their performance. Therefore, it has become important to realize organizational and individual goals, which in turn depend on self motivation as well as self satisfaction. The study aims to measure the effect of the biographical characteristics age, gender, educational qualifications and work experience on employee motivational force and the tenure of the employees in Academic Technical Education Sectors in India. A quantitative methodology was used for the study and questionnaire method was used as the measuring instrument. Participants were 157 employees randomly selected from different Technical Academic Institutes in India. The four independent variables of our study were age, gender, educational qualification and work experience of employees and the dependent variables were employee motivational force and the tenure in job of the employees. The data was subjected to a number of statistical analyses such as T test, Correlation, One way ANOVA and Regression Analysis. Results indicated that the biographical characteristics mainly educational qualification positively significant relation has a great influence on the motivational force of the academic professionals whereas gender and experience positively significant relation have great influences on the decision to turnover intention of the academicians. The present study revealed that the organizational managements and psychologists can consider different strategies and policies to motivate employees in work settings, and retaining the employees in the organizations. Motivational Force, Biographical Characteristics, Employee Job Tenure, Employee Retention 418-434 Issue-2 Volume-2 Dr. Aditi Banerjee