<b>Corporate Leadership A Study of the Psychodynamic Skills in Growing in the Corporate World</b> Corporate world is changing as their leaders undergo personal transformation and move toward self actualisation, and then bring their perspectives and values to the office. Corporate are also changing from within, as the people that make up those corporate are quietly asking and in some cases demanding, social and accountability and meaningful work. Leadership is both a deeply personal and a highly interpersonal undertaking. Applying psychodynamic concepts to the ebb and flow of life in corporate contributes to the understanding of the vicissitudes of corporate leadership. The psychodynamic paradigm, when applied to corporate leadership, draws only on psychoanalytic theories of human behaviour, but also the work of many later scholars and thinkers in other fields who adapted and broadened the foundation concepts of psychoanalysis to encompass the hidden and overt dynamics that influence the behaviour of groups and even corporate. As such a psychodynamic approach provides valuable frameworks and concepts for studying the shaping many facets of corporate leadership. In this paper, it is argued that psychodynamics skills are playing a vital role in shaping an effective corporate leader and its role is growing in the growing corporate world, with special reference to post globalisation. Psychodynamic Skills, Corporate Leadership, Personality Traits, Character Strengths, Five Factor Model 277-290 Issue-2 Volume-2 Prof. Dr. Satya Subrahmanyam