<b>Comparative Analysis of G.M Tube Characteristics Using Ba 133 Gamma Source and Sr 90 Beta Test Source</b> The study is a recap of experimental physics which compares the G.M tube characteristics of Ba 133 and Sr 90 source respectively. SPECTECH ST360 Counter was used for this experiment. The test sources where placed 2cm and 4cm respectively in the counter window and voltage applied through starting at a potential of 780v. The counter was allowed to read for 60sec as the voltages was increased in step of 20v. Results obtained using Microsoft mathematics and further evaluations showed an effective performance of 22.16 and 3.91 respectively for both the gamma and beta source. G.M tube Characteristics, Gamma and Beta Test Source. Issue-4 Volume-1 Aondoakaa John Kelvin | Iortile Joseph Teryima