<b>Conceptualising Innovative Jobs as Propeller to a High Income Economy Status for Mauritius</b> With the new year already stepping in Mauritius, this research paper aligns with the Mauritian government policy for Mauritius to attain a high income economy status by 2030. To achieve this, the researcher posits that innovative jobs could be the propeller of the economy. There is a need to scorn off white collar jobs that have so far been a hallmark for personal and social achievement in the Mauritian society. Today’s complex socio economic environment calls for innovation and change for success. In this perspective, this paper briefly describes the current dilemma of labour in Mauritius. It explains the need for graduates to be employable by considering flexible and adaptable employment possibilities. The paper concludes through scenarios like the creation of attractive jobs, the development of multi skilled and polyvalent jobs, focused training and collaboration at work might frame a plausible case for the island nation’s stepping into a high income industrialised and digitalised economy. job innovation, high income economy, scenarios, middle income trap, Mauritius. 113-116 Issue-2 Volume-2 Dr. Betchoo Nirmal Kumar