<b>A Comprehensive Study on Female Spouse Participation in Financial Communication during Family Financial Decision Making</b> Money discussion is always a taboo in any relationship especially in that of marriage. Couples don’t want to discuss much about financial matters which although is very important in this inflationary world. Sharing responsibilities within marriage is equally important as sharing financial responsibilities for the family. There cannot be bifurcations based on genders or any other categories. So, during family financial decision making, role of female spouse becomes equivalent important as she is both privileged and accountable for the repercussions of it as like her spouse. Involvement of female spouse in financial decisions starts with the step of involving her in financial communication related to it. Without communicating, how could one involve her Thus, the whole study will focus on these female spouses’ involvement in financial communication regarding their family financial decisions. Here, several implications of financial communication on a person’s marital life, personality, status of involvement, family type, etc. will be discussed and accordingly suggestions are recommended. Money discussion, Financial Communication, Family Financial Decisions, Female Spouse, Married life. 227-234 Issue-2 Volume-2 Twinkle Jain