<b>Study of Influencing Attributes in the Context of Purchasing Behaviour in the Retail Stores with Special Reference to Pune City</b> A study was conducted to observe the impact of impulse purchase factor on shoppers’ Purchase Volume in the Punecity Departmental stores. This study explored the situational impulse purchase factors namely, Store environment, Store distance, Store density and Store shopping duration. The model was tested with data collected from a consumer survey carried out in the Pune departmental stores. Further, it was studied using the statistical tool SPSS. The outcome of the study was that more the purchaser spent in the store shopping duration the more is the impulse purchase volume. This model may help the retail managers to understand better the situational factors of impulse purchasers and to increase sales volume. Departmental store, Impulse purchase, shopping duration, store distance, store solidity. 1611-1616 Issue-1 Volume-2 Rahul Wagh | Dr. Anil Dongre