<b>A Review on Rasamanjari It’s Contribution in Pharmaceutical Science</b> Ayurveda is an ancient science. Rasashastra and bhaishajya kalpana is one of the important branch of Ayurveda. Rasamanjari is one of the compile text written by Acharya Shalinath. Hindi translation Siddhiprada written by Prof. Siddhi Nandan Mishra. Rasashastra is not included in Astang Ayurveda. Rasashastra deals with minerals and metals. Purificationof mineral metals and their formulation are clearly described in Rasamanjari. The pharmaceutical contribution of Rasamanjari is very beneficial for modern era. Rasashastra, Rasamanjari, Minerals, Metals etc 123-125 Issue-2 Volume-2 Dr. Versha Ratrey | Dr. Kavita | Dr. S.M. Parhate | Dr. K.S. Karbhal | Dr. M.K. Dash