<b>A Study on the Decentralized Planning and Socio economic growth and Development with special reference to e Governance initiatives in the state of Telangana</b> The sustainable development of State requires infrastructure and good governance system i.e. Infrastructure, decentralized administration, digitalization, technology based E governance infrastructure finance will help the government of Telangana to attain the new heights of economic growth and development. The development process of Telangana is a better design through T hub, Policy initiatives and peoples participation. The overall development of State of Telangana is in right direction to bring the socio economic development in the key areas of Agriculture, Industry and Service Sector. The state policy is for accelerating sustainable development and improving the strategic intervention in respect of e governance, good governance, ICT education infrastructural development to achieve the improvement in employability and empowerment of youth and women. The government of Telangana is closely working with local, district and state level authorities to improve the social and economic infrastructure and industrial development through best industrial and agriculture policies. 41-45 Issue-2 Volume-1 Lakshmi Prasad. Chinthalapalli | Dr. Y. V. Rao