<b>Quality of work life and Human resource Management in Business Process Management BPM Companies in India</b> Quality of work life plays an important role in the present global business environment to improve the organizational performance and excellence in terms of achieving profitability and productivity to reach the organizational goals. The work life is based on the Person’s mentality and the psychological factors. Ms. Challa Madhavi | Dr. Nalini Bikkana, people of organization, psychologists and also the management consultants agreed to give a 100 perfect definition based on their experience and observations. The happiness and behavior of the employees is measured by their way of life. The employees life style is determined with individual characteristics and individual characteristics of need pattern, tolerance of every issue in organization, work principles, values, abilities and skills of the employees. People behavior and work life balance usually varies from person to person. Reaching higher position will satisfy the mental urges. Engaging with the given work will also be helpful for balancing the personal life satisfaction. Organizational trainings and career development will be helpful to precise the quality of work life Appreciations, and Motivation, are the most important needs. It is important factor of work life status improvement. More recognition in job needs to be appreciated. Employees must be rewarded for his extra work Development and work skills. At the same time lethargic and lazy employees must be penalized. This will be helpful in motivating employees. 35-40 Issue-2 Volume-1 Ms. Challa Madhavi | Dr. Nalini Bikkana