<b>The Relationship and Effect of Role Overload, Role Ambiguity, Work Life Balance and Career Development on Work Stress among Call Center Executives of Business Process Outsourcing BPO in Selangor</b> This research aim to identify the contributing factors of work stress to recognize the effect of highly influencing stressor among call center executives of BPO in Selangor. The four independent variables of this study which consist of role overload, role ambiguity, career development and work life balance are analyzed to determine the relationship with dependent variable of work stress. A total 152 of respondents were involved in this study. Data collection was carried out by distributing questionnaires. The research analysis are consist of descriptive statistics, reliability analysis and inferential analysis to identify the relationship among the independent and dependent variables. The four independent variables together, explain 65 percent of the variance on stress. Role overload seems to have the greatest influence on stress, judged by the Beta weight of .784 which is the highest. , followed by career development Beta of .21. Work life balance also has a significant negative influence on stress Beta of .21 . Meaning, when work life increase stress will decrease. Do not individually explain the variance on stress level significantly Beta of. 0.0770 p 0.05 . So stress will increase if role overload and career development are increase. But for work life balance when it is increase the stress level of the call center executive in BPO decreased. work stress, role overload, role ambiguity, career development, work life balance 1466-1473 Issue-1 Volume-2 Abdul Jumaat Mahajar | Jasmani Mohd Yunus