<b>Security System for Car using CAN Protocol</b> The design consist of a central Airbag control unit ACU controls a number of related sensors within the vehicle like accelerometers, impact sensors, wheel speed sensors, gyroscopes, brake pressure sensors, and seat occupancy sensors. When the requisite threshold has been reached or exceeded, the airbag control unit will trigger the ignition of a gas generator propellant to rapidly inflate a nylon fabric bag. The inflated airbag reduces the deceleration experienced by the passenger during the crash through the process of venting gas out of small vent holes in a controlled manner absorbing the energy of the occupant impacting the bag. CAN is a serial communication protocol. The CAN bus may be used in vehicles to connect engine control unit and transmission , or on a different bus to connect the door locks , climate control , seat control. CAN Bus protocol, MEMS, Microcontroller, MPLAB software 4-8 Issue-2 Volume-2 Poonam Bedarkar | Atul Halmare