<b>Ameliorate Student Teacher Relationship through Spirituality</b> Teachers are the role models of the students. To provide quality education is the great responsibility of a teacher. They not only guide them in their studies but in all round development and even in shaping their career. Students expect a lot from their teachers. Due to change in the system of the society, education system is also changing. Some new trends are into existence. The relationship between teacher and a student has taken a drastic turn. It is deteriorating day by day. This chaos in the relationship is not one sided but is occurring due to the flaws that have been into the presence at both the sides. In earlier times such scenario was not there. Students used to respect their teachers and teachers were completely devoted towards their duty. The education was carried out under the shade of trees. Guru Shishya relation was pious. This bounding was made possible because there was a spiritual environment all around. Crime rate was also up to its minimal level that too because of the moral ethics within the students and teachers as well. To curb this problem one needs to have a deep insight of both the perspectives and it can be curtailed with the support of spirituality. Education, Spiritual, Perspectives, relationship and management 1-3 Issue-2 Volume-2 Dr. Aina Arora