<b>Studies on Physicochemical Parameters to Assess the Water Quality of Ground Water Sources of Different Places in Daryapur Tahsil, Maharashtra India </b> Groundwater is one of the most valuable natural resources, which supports human health, economic development and ecological variety. Groundwater is a valuable dynamic and replenishes able natural resource in present day and limited in extent. Groundwater resource assessment of a region involves a detailed study of the sub surface water, including geology and hydrogeology, monitoring and production of well data. The water quality guidelines provide a Limit Value for each parameter for drinking water. It is necessary that the quality of drinking water should be checked at regular time interval, because due to use of contaminated drinking water, human population suffers from varied of water borne diseases. The availability of good quality water is an indispensable feature for preventing diseases and improving quality of life. It is necessary to know details about different physico chemical parameters such as color, taste, odor, TDS, pH, Hardness, Alkalinity, Chlorides, fluoride, Sulphate, Iron, turbidity and Nitrate used for testing of water quality. In present study, Drinking Water Quality, were analysis by various standards and analytical methods and TDS is found in 24 water sample out of 36. Drinking Water, Water Quality Parameters, Ground Water 1458-1465 Issue-1 Volume-2 N. W. Bagalkar | P. M. Giri