<b>Corrosion Characterization of Aluminium 356 Hybrid Composites in Neutral Chloride Medium</b> Hybrid composites are the composites which contain two different reinforcements in them. One of the reinforcements will be added in different quantities and another one will be added with same quantity. In this work hybrid composites of aluminium 356 are manufactured by adding fly ash and silicon carbide particulates. Composites are manufactured by liquid melt metallurgy technique using vortex method. Composites containing 2 fly ash and 2, 4 and 6 weight percentages of SiC particulates were manufactured. Matrix alloy was also casted in the same way for comparison. Static weight loss corrosion test and potentiodynamic polarization tests were conducted in different concentrated solutions of neutral chloride like sodium chloride. In both the tests the hybrid composites exhibited decreased corrosion rate with increase in reinforcement content. Hence hybrid composites are more suitable than the matrix alloy for applications. Aluminium 356, Hybrid, Fly ash, Silicon carbide, polarization 1538-1543 Issue-1 Volume-2 V. Bheema Raju | S. Kusuma | P. V. Krupakara | H. C. Ananda Murthy