<b>Managing Cultural Diversities in Internationalisation of Business</b> The trend of globalization has made the different culture walk onto a worldwide stage Marcelo and Deslree, 2004 . In the business world, culture is treated as an important contribution to success. The trend of globalization accelerates the occurrence of international trades. More business opportunities and profits are waiting to be discovered in other countries. Better understanding and acceptance of different cultures can lead to more effective communication and, ultimately, more success. With globalization it has become important to consider the impact of cultural differences when managing a team. Le Theuff 2005 argued that despite the globalization of the employment market there is no global employee as a result of culture. Intercultural management is a real concept adopted by companies as with globalization companies have to work with other companies all over the world. Any company who would not consider the multicultural dimension of his workforce might lead teams’ projects to failure Hofstede, 1993 . 1276-1284 Issue-1 Volume-2 Sidharth Shankar Raju