<b>Impact of Demonetization on E Banking Services A Study with Reference to Banks in Erode District</b> Banking plays major role for each every activity. The study will enable us to understand the demonetization concept in India. The survey about the perception and attitude of people towards demonetization and E Banking included in the study. The study can be extended to know the people’s Erode district perception and understanding about the cashless economy. No work can be undertaken without the co operation of respondents who were interviewed, and data was collected through questionnaire. Total number of respondents used for the study is 200. Therefore, respondents play a very important role in this study. The analysis will help to know the awareness level of customers regarding the E Banking Services. Demonetization, E Banking, Banking Services, RTGS, NEFT 1443-1448 Issue-1 Volume-2 Mrs. S. Vanitha | Dr. S. Maheskumar