<b>Financial Check Up of Family Finance to Strengthen Family Welfare The Case of Swadaya Credit Union Members Surabaya</b> Some of the symptoms of financial problems are very apprehensive and need to find a solution together so that family goals as both employees and or business actors can be achieved and not vice versa a divorce caused by financial problems. As for one of the initial solutions through financial check up activities. Financial check up is a checking activity on financial condition. This activity intends to identify the possibility of financial disturbance to the family either as an employee and or business actor at an early stage. The target of this community service activity is the members of CU self supporting cooperatives and prospective members. This activity provides some of the key findings First, Young people want prosperity in their future where well being is a good situation, a human condition where people are prosperous, in good health and with ability. Second, related to financial belief, young people are judged to have confidence related to their finances in the future by studying financial intelligence, improving the ability of business entrepreneurs by regularly attending various seminars and training in entrepreneurship, menu, entrepreneurial spirit, smart financial management and learn about microfinance institutions. Third, Credit Union is the best choice for the community especially its members to help develop the business and provide the needs and needs of families, individuals and groups. Financial Check Up, Family Finance, Family Welfare, Credit Union Members 1493-1499 Issue-1 Volume-2 Lena Ellitan | Robertus Sigit HL | Dominicus Wahyu Perdana