<b>Impact of Facebook Addiction on the Study Habits of Social Work Students with Special Reference to Tumkur District</b> The intention of this research was to inspect the amount of social work students addiction in using Facebook, the amount of their study habits such as management of time, competency in attending test, note taking, reading, writing, field work practice, report writing, presentation of class seminar, participation in group discussion in the class and if correlation exists between the two. Researchers used the Bergen Facebook Addiction Scale BFAS , it contains the six important elements of addiction such as salience, mood modification, tolerance, withdrawal, conflict, and relapse and the Study Habits Questionnaire SHQ were used to 123 Social work students from different post graduate colleges affiliated under Tumkur University. SPSS and Excel used to compute data, researchers adopted correlation and simple percentile statistical test to examine impact of facebook addiction. The Social work students studying in different colleges in Tumkur University have largely high degree of addiction in Facebook. On the other hand they are found to exhibit low extent of practicing study related activities. Correlation analysis revealed significant yet positive coefficient values of the six Facebook addiction elements with overall study habits. Findings can be used Social work educators by integrating it in classroom activities. At the same time this study is path way for further studies with bigger scope and inclusion of demographic variables in estimating Facebook addiction, social network or online addiction are recommended. Facebook, Addiction, Social Work, Study 1479-1481 Issue-1 Volume-2 Saravana K | Dr. Lokesha M. U | Dr. B. P. Shivalingappa