<b>Data Mining based on Hashing Technique</b> Data Mining is an important aspect for any business. Most of the management level decisions are based on the process of Data Mining. One of such aspect is the association between different sale products i.e. what is the actual support of a product respected to the other product. This concept is called Association Mining. According to this concept we define the process of estimating the sale of one product respective to the other product. We are proposing an association rule based on the concept of Hardware support. In this concept we first maintain the database and compare it with systolic array after this a pruning process is being performed to filter the database and to remove the rarely used items. Finally the data is indexed according to hashing technique and the decision is performed in terms of support count. Apriory, Clustering, Hashing, Data mining Techniques, Decision Trees. Issue-4 Volume-1 Krishan Rohilla | Shabnam Kumari | Reema