<b>Investigating marketing of children’s food stuff and methods of advertising in Iran</b> Marketing of food stuff to increase sale is possible with different methods. Capillary marketing is one of the most influential techniques in the issue of more sales in organizations especially in terms of selling food stuff. Food stuff should be sold in a short time due to the short durability. People who make better use of capillary marketing to supply their products and services can sell better and faster. Dependency of Iran’s economy on oil incomes and affectability of such incomes from political, economic and international issues cause vulnerability and fragility of the economy. One of the ways of coping with this situation is developing new products that improves inland economic condition and causes an increase in non oil exports. Meanwhile, in addition to the role of food stuff in inland economic development, it can have a determining role in non oil export. Most of the families don’t have financial ability to respond steamy needs of their children. Such children are just happy with watching colorful food and being influenced by messages they don’t tend to traditional food. In fact, advertisements tell children what to wear play and eat. In this study we are going to discuss marketing of children’s food stuff and its advertising methods in Iran. food stuff marketing, advertising methods Issue-4 Volume-1 Mitra Zarea Nemati