<b>Marketing Mix Strategies of Soft Drink Producers in Anambra State, Nigeria</b> The study aimed to investigate the marketing mix strategies employed by soft drink producers in Anambra State and to assess the impact of such strategies on their performance. Ninety respondents were judgementally selected and sampled. Questionnaire was used to gather the study data analysed on frequencies, percentages and Kruskal Wallis one way ANOVA. Results showed that promotion consisting sponsorship in sports and entertainment, diversification, introduction of new brands products, aggressive advertising and price reduction are the most frequently used marketing mix strategies. Results also agreed that the soft drink producers in Anambra State change their marketing mix and often too for reasons of making their products new and attractive, offering at customers’ asking price, competition in the market, grow market share, and profit. Results of the hypotheses testing indicated significance mean difference in the marketing mix frequently used by these producers but, there is no significant mean difference on how often those change their strategies. Hypotheses tests confirm that these producers change mix strategy to grow market vis à vis other objectives. Overall, the tests showed marketing mix strategies have significant impact on the performance of all the soft drink producers in Anambra State. marketing mix strategy, soft drink marketing, marketing promotion, Anambra State 1053-1065 Issue-1 Volume-2 Okwuchukwu Marcus, Anyasor, PhD