<b>A Review on Rasadhyaya It’s Importance In Alchemy</b> According to the development chronology,the use of Rasa Chikitsa Started from the 7th century to the 10th or 11th century. With the use of Rasa Rasayanadi, success in Dehavada and Lohavada began to be successful and the attitude of Acharyas towards Rasa Chikitsa. In the tradition of Rasa Chikitsa, the Rasadhyaya written by Siddha Kankayala and his disciple comes. Rasadhyaya also comes in the classical treatise in high quality Rasagranthas. Its shaili style , bhasha language , nirmana prakara method of drug formulations and mana nirupana value representation etc. keeps its own space. In this article, the special description of Rasadhyaya and the contribution of Rasadhyaya in Rasa shastra has been described. 1071-1075 Issue-1 Volume-2 Dr. Kavita | Dr. Gajendra Sahu | Dr. M. K. Dash | Dr. S. M. Parhate | Dr. K. S. Karbhal