<b>Lipopolysaccharide promotes the metastatic Potential of Lung Carcinoma Cells by Upregulating the Expression of Fibronectin</b> Lipopolysaccharide LPS stimulated TLR 4 mediated signalling has been shown to accentuate the metastasis in a variety of cancers. In a murine mammary cancer model, LPS has been found to trigger lung metastasis. However there are very few studies which report the pro tumor properties of LPS in lung cancer. In this study we investigated the effect of LPS on Fibronectin induced metastatic progression in human lung cancer cells. Lower concentrations of LPS exhibited a pro proliferative effect on A549 cells. Using such concentrations of LPS to stimulate A549 cells, expression of Fibronectin mRNA increased in comparison to control. 0.5 µg of LPS treatment led to the two fold increase in mRNA expression of Fibronectin. Moreover, LPS stimulation augmented the migratory ability of A549 cells as assessed by wound healing assay. This increase in migration of A549 cells was in agreement with the expression pattern of Fibronectin induced by LPS stimulation. Taken together this study presents a preliminary account of the role of LPS in inducing the expression of Fibronectin and metastatic progression in lung carcinoma. Lipopolysaccharide Fibronectin Lung Carcinoma 1022-1026 Issue-1 Volume-2 Asif Amin | Taseem A. Mokhdomi | Asrar H. Wafai | Raies A. Qadri