<b>Role of Financial Institutions for the Development of Women Entrepreneurship in India</b> Entrepreneurship as an factor of economic development is now recognized. A number of financial institutions provide support to women entrepreneurs for their innovative and imaginative scheme of activities aimed at skill development for income and employment generation in different sectors. Besides, the society should also facilitate the growth of women by recognizing their talents and abilities. There has been a substantial growth in women’s involvement in the economic activities all over the world over the past few decades. For this both the government and non government agencies have to play a vital role. Despite the efforts of governmental and non governmental organizations, the women entrepreneurs are facing many problems. It has been pointed out by many research studies that more than 70 of the problems faced by the women entrepreneurship are related with credit. Financial institutions have historically viewed women entrepreneurs as more doubtful preposition than men entrepreneurs.Today there is a greater development among women. If given the opportunity, they will deliver the outcome. It is therefore essential to encourage educated young women to entrepreneurial streams with financial, technical and scientific assistance. Hence, an integrated approach is necessary for making the movement of women entrepreneurship a success. Governmental and Non governmental organizations should make more focused and directed efforts, and initiate specific programmes for women entrepreneurship development. Entrepreneurial development programmes should train, motivate, enhance and shape up individual skills of women having market potential. The EDPs and MDPs can become a vital link for harnessing huge and unused human skills to channelize them towards accelerating the gender mainstreaming and position women entrepreneur on equivalence with men entrepreneurs. Financial Institutions Development Women Entrepreneur Government 789-796 Issue-1 Volume-2 Dr. N. Rajendhiran | M. Kousalya Devi