<b>A Study on the Working Conditions of Sanitary Workers in Tirunelveli Corporation</b> Sanitation falls under the preventive type of public health. It is also another monopoly function to be under taken by the municipality. Sanitation includes removal of rubbish, sludge, night soil and dead animals controls of tilies and mosquitos, drain drainage and sweeping. Prevention is better than cure an improvement is general sanitation in the inhabited areas of the cities and towns to provide salutary. The findings revealed that sanitation workers undergo several problems both physically and mentally. The problems in work place can be solved by providing equal rights as other government employees. Discrimination and stigmatization in work place and society shows that the people need more development in grounds of humanity and respect. Uplifting the underprivileged in terms of education, rights, power and employment improves the growth of the country. Providing safety measures for sanitation workers, conducting regular medical camps, prevention of manual scavenging, creating awareness about government schemes will definitely improve their quality of life. Social Workers can be appointed to provide psychosocial help to the sanitation workers. Working conditions of sanitary workers 945-952 Issue-1 Volume-2 Dr. Lourdes Poobala Rayen | T. Juliet Nisee