<b>Driverless Metro Train Shuttle between the Stations using LabVIEW</b> The aim of this paper is to illustrate an improvement in the existing technology used in metro train movements. This train is equipped with a controller and an IR Object sensor that enables the automatic stopping of the train from one station to another station. This paper presents the development process of a prototype for a driverless train implemented using a RASPBERRY PI controller. Simulation for the system s circuits is done with LabVIEW software. The hardware circuit is interfaced with actuators and sensors for automation purposes using LabVIEW. A hardware comprised of IR sensor, RASPBERRI PI areassembled in a prototype train. A LabVIEW CODE is used for programming the controller. A Smoke sensor is also interfaced to detect any smoke or gas present in the train. IR sensor, Raspberry PI, MPU 6050, Metro train. 917-925 Issue-1 Volume-2 Manoj Kumar M | Hemavathi.R | H. Prasanna Kumar