<b>Sexual Harassment of Women in Workplace</b> Sexual Harassment is behavior. It is defined as an unwelcome behavior of sexual nature. Sexual harassment at workplace is a widespread problem in the world whether it be a developed nation or a developing nation or an underdeveloped nation, atrocities against women is common everywhere. It is a universal problem giving negative impact on both men and women. It is happening more with women gender in particular. How much ever one try to protect, prohibit, prevent and give remedies such violation will always take place. It is a crime against women, who are considered to be the most vulnerable section of the society. That is why they have to suffer all these immunes starting from female feticide, human trafficking, stalking, sexual abuse, sexual harassment, to the most heinous crime Rape. It is unlawful to harass a person an applicant or an employee because of that person’s sex. Harassment can include “sexual harassment” or unwelcome sexual advances, request for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical harassment of a sexual nature. Sexual Harassment is unwelcome sexual behavior, which could be expected to meet a person feel offended, humiliated or intimated. It can be physical, verbal and written. Unwelcome Behavior is the critical word. Unwelcome does not mean involuntary. A victim may consent or agree to certain conduct and actively participate in it even though it is offensive and objectionable. Therefore, sexual conduct is unwelcome whenever the person subjected to it considers it unwelcome. Whether the person in fact welcomed a request for a date, sex oriented comment, or joke depends on all the circumstances. Indian Constitution provides right to equality to both women and men. Women have equal right to choose any profession and area of work or business activity. But in practice women are discriminated against both in their homes and outside their homes. Discrimination, on most of the times, includes elements of harassment and violence against women. Furthermore, the said harassment can be both mental as well as physical. More often than not physical harassment takes the form of sexual harassment or Sexual violence. Sexual harassment in general and sexual harassment at workplace in particular is the hard reality which is faced by working girls and women in day to day life. sexual harassment, women, abuse, offended, victim, objectionable, favors, vulnerable 1856-1861 Issue-1 Volume-2 Dr. Gagan B. Khanna