<b>Drinking Water Facility in Kalyani Municipality and its Sustainable Management A Study in Urban Geography</b> The demand of urban water supply service is increasing rapidly as globalization accelerates economic development and brings improvements in living. Provision of reliable and safe water supply to urban area is an essential urban amenities for overall economic and social development. Kalyani municipality is a high population concentration area so timely and regular supply of water is considered necessary. The supply of safe drinking water is essential for maintenance of good health quality of urban dwellers. This paper emphasis on the source of drinking water, house connection, time of getting water, quality of water and pumps, Composite concentration of drinking water facilities, Density of pipe length, water pollution, problems and problems related prospects. For fulfill the objectives of this paper both primary and secondary data have been used. Primary data and information are collected from the urban dwellers and municipal authorities. Secondary data and information are collected through Census of India, municipality website and various journal and papers. To fulfill the objectives of this study some statistical techniques and QGIS software has been used. So here are some solutions to overcome this situation. House Connection, Pipe Length, Water Supply, Z score 703-710 Issue-1 Volume-2 Pijus Kanti Ghosh