<b>Radiation effects on MHD Boundary Layer Flow Over A Moving Vertical Porous Plate with Heat Generation in the Presence of Chemically Reacting Non Newtonianfluid and Soret Effect</b> This paper is focused on the study of effect of heat and mass transfer on chemically reacting boundary layer flow of a Casson fluid over a porous stretching sheet in the differential equations are transformed by introducing similarity variables and solved numerically by using Range Kutta method along with shooting method. The velocity, temperature and concentration distributions are discussed number tables for different parameters entering into the problem. It is observed that the Casson parameter decreases the velocity field while the temperature is enhanced with increasing Casson parameter Mass Transfer, MHD, Casson Parameter, suction, heat generation, chemical reaction, radiation effect and Soret effect 749-759 Issue-1 Volume-2 G Vidyasagar | B Ramana