<b>Empowering Skills of Indian Workforce through Training and Development</b> MAKE IN INDIA is an scheme of Indian Government for promoting international, as well as domestic, organizations to produce goods in India. It was created by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 25 September 2014 with the motive to make India as a zenith place for FDI globally, leading China in addition to united states. MAKE IN INDIA is focussing on job creation , youth skilling, demand for skilled workforce in relation to skill development. Population of India is around 1.21 billion which is increasing rapidly at a rate of 17 undoubtedly India is one of the nations having workforce of the age group between 15 59 yrs, but unfortunately hardly 2 of this total workforce has gone through skills training .manpower of India is the most talented and hardworking one, therefore, India and can be a worldwide hub of skilled workforce through the programmes of training and development in upcoming time. Human resource is the most dynamic and versatile resource among all other resources like land , capital, money, machines etc. This is the only resource which needs to be upgraded from time to time so that they can make the best utilization of rest of the resources of an organization as well as of the nation too. Training and development is a tool or a technique to bridge the gap between upgraded skills of the workforce and need of the job. In today’s scenario fast technological advancements taking place every here and now in the world. So, the Human resource is the backbone of any nation and to harness this resource through skill development should be the prime motive of every nation. This paper is an attempt to highlight the significance of skill development in the light of training and development as well as to highlight the govt. Initiatives in this regard, as the workforce is moving from agriculture to manufacturing and service sectors. training, development, skill development. 667-678 Issue-1 Volume-2 Arisha Siddiqui | Sana Iqbal