<b>Reducing Energy Consumption in Smart System through Mobilouds Framework</b> Mobile cloud computing MCC it’s related energy implication are seen everywhere in large scale. Offloading computationally raised endeavor’s to the cloud datacentres being the basic thought driving MCC Mobile Cloud Computing , a vast segment of the mobile terminal assets partaking in the MCC mobile Cloud Computing aggregate execution are wasted as they remain sit out of gear till the mobile terminals get response from the datacentres.. This is an additional wastage of assets near to the cloud assets are starting at now being tended to as colossal vitality customers. Despite the fact that the assets consumed of the site without moving mobile resources are unimportant in contrast with the cloud partner, such utilizations impact sly affects the mobile devices bringing about superfluous battery channels. Mobilouds which consolidate a multi level processing architecture with various phases of process cluster limits and a product application to supervise vitality utilization. Mobilouds framework energizes the mobile device co operation in the MCC Mobile Cloud Computing synchronized effort execution, there by lessens the weight of idle mobile resource and uses such idle resource in the actual job execution. Cloud computing, mobile cloud computing, mobilouds. 627-635 Issue-1 Volume-2 Mr. Muneshwara M.S | Dr. Anil G.N | Dr. Thungamani M