<b>Study of Metal Contaminated Soil on Various part of Planet Earth</b> Exposure to toxic heavy metals is associated with many chronic diseases and can cause a wide varietyof health problems. Urban soils receive varying inputs of heavy metals from a variety of mobile or stationarysources such as vehicular traffic, industrial plants, power generation facilities, residential oil burning, wasteincineration, construction, and demolition activities and re suspension of surrounding contaminated soils and makesa significant contribution to the pollution in the urban environment. Therefore, the study of urban soil is importantfor determining the origin, distribution, and level of heavy metal contamination in urban environments. Presentpaper deal with the review of the soil analysis and hazardous effects on human health. Contamination of Heavy Metal, Urban Soil, Road side soil 73-77 Issue-2 Volume-2 Shalini Arora | (Dr.) R. S. Lokhande | Dr. C. K. Jain